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ECWA 7/14/07 Newark, DE

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1. The Logan Brothers & Psycho vs. Frederick of Hollywood, Mike Reed & Robere Sheilds
2. Mega & Mike Nice vs. The Secret Weapon & Rick Fuller
3. Corey Blaze, Jason Leigh & JJ Cruz vs. The Chick Magnets
4. Aden Chambers vs. Scotty Charisma vs. Rob Eckos
5. The Heavyweights vs. Kermon the German & Max Von Bauer
6. Andrew Ryker vs. Tommy Trouble
7. Scotty Too Hotty vs. Billy Bax
8. Chase Del Monte & Freak Nastty vs. Cheetah Master & Ace Darling
9. Boogie Woogie Brown Memorial Battle Royal
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