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ECW Extreme Matches

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Barbed Wire, Ladders, & Scaffolds make he wildest ECW video to date. If that is not enough we'll throw in cage matches, tons of blood, and break more tables than you've ever seen. This tape is a must for anybody who wants to see ECW take it to the extreme. Watch the most extreme athletes put their bodies on the line in this hardcore 4 hour videotape that you don't want to miss. This tape is a hardcore fans dream.

Public Enemy vs Terry & Dory Funk (Barbed Wire Match)

Tommy Dreamer vs Sandman (I Quit Match)

Public Enemy vs Sabu & Taz (Double Tables)

Axl Rotten vs Ian Rotten (Bad Breed Death Match)

Sandman vs Cactus Jack (Barbed Wire Match)

Public Enemy vs The Gangstas (Rage in the Cage)

Sabu vs Rob Van Dam€Death Match

Raven, Brian Lee, Steve Richards vs Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Terry Gordy (Rage in the Cage)

Tommy Dreamer vs Brian Lee (High Incident Scaffold match)

Rob Van Dam & Bill Alfonso vs Tommy Dreamer & Beulah..Extreme Mixed Tag Team Match

Terry Funk vs Sabu (Barbed Wire Match)

Sabu vs Sandman (Stairway to Hell Match)

Tommy Dreamer vs Justin Cedible (First Blood Match)

Sabu & Rob Van Dam vs The Eliminators (Tables & Ladders Match)
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