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ECW Hardcore Feuds- Civil Wars Continue

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See the best matches ever between Sabu + Rob Van Dam vs Tommy Dreamer and Sandman in tag matches and single matches.. 4 hours long.. Its a civil war that looks like it will never end until one team destroys the other!!!!!!!

1.Raven vs Dreamer (Lawlers debut with Sabu and Van Dam as they destroy Dreamer) Greatest Angle ever

2.Jim Cornette debut as he and everyone else destroy Dreamer_Great

3.Dreamer + Sandman vs Sabu + Van Dam Cage match where Rick Rude turns heel on Dreamer and Sandman

4.Sabu + Van Dam vs Dreamer + Sandman 6-21-97 Revere MA this is the first meeting ever between these 2 teams

5.Sandman vs Van Dam

6.Sabu vs Dreamer 6-27-97 Downingtown PA

7.Sabu vs Dreamer

8.Taz + Dreamer vs Van Dam + Sabu

9.Sabu vs Dreamer

10.Sabu vs Dreamer

11.Sabu vs Sandman (tables and Ladders match from ECW Arena where Sabu burns the Sandman

12.Dreamer + Beulah vs Alfonso + Van Dam Alfonso bleeds like a pig and looses 30% of his blood

13.Dreamer vs Van Dam
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