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ECW Hardcore Fueds Vol. 1 Raven vs. Dreamer

Price: $12.00
Item Number: 00657


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This tape will highlight what is arguably ECW's hottest fued ever. Memorable matches. Interviews and angles are the focus of this tape. Fans of these two won't be dissappointed!!!

1. Altercation with Dreamer, Raven, Richards, Hotbody and Stetson
2. Dreamer vs. Raven, Richards, Hotbody (Generation X, gauntlet Match)
3. Beulah McGuillicutty's debut
4. Dreamer vs. Raven (First Singles Match)
5. Dreamer vs. Raven (Rematch)
6. Nightclub altercation
7. Dreamer vs. Raven (Death Match)
8. Sandman & Raven vs. Dreamer & Cactus Jack
9. Beulah vs. Luna Vachon
10. Raven & Richards vs. Luna & Dreamer
11. Dreamer, Pitbulls, Luna, Dudleys, Raven & Richards wild brawl
12. Luna vs. Richards (Dreamer crusifies Raven)
13. Interview Raven, Dreamer jumps Raven
14. Dreamer vs. Raven (No DQ, No Countout)
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