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ECW Road Wars Illinois Invasion

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This updates edition of the ECW Road Wars series delivers the best fan cam matches from Illinois, which included one of ECW hottest cities- Chicago. You will see the wildest brawls including one with flaming tables, the most athletic aerial contests and classic title matches. Not only that, but for the first time ever all the footage of the night Steve Corino crashed the Limp Bizkit concert is finally released!!! Youll see Corino backstage at the concert, Corino getting into it with Limp Bizkits fans and the entire altercation on stage between Corino and Fred Durst that included Balls Mahoney, New Jack and Axl Rotten. This was one of the greatest events in ECW history and all the footage is now available to you!!! This tape includes an intro with Rob Feinstein and fan cam man Gabe Sapolsky to give you shoot style insight on the matches and the concert.

1. Chilly Willy vs. EZ Money- 6/24/00 Chicago

2. Super Crazy vs. Christopher Daniels- 6/17/99- Chicago

3. Lou E. Dangerously & The Network confront Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins- 7/22/99 Peoria

4. Gorgeous George debuts in ECW- 6/24/00 Chicago

5. Justin Credible vs. Kid Kash- 7/21/99 Decatur

6. Taz vs. Rhino- 6/17/99 Chicago

7. Rob Van Dam vs. C.W. Anderson- 6/24/00 Chicago

8. Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu- 6/24/00 Chicago

9. Jerry Lynn vs. Tajiri- 6/24/00 Chicago

10. Tommy Dreamer & Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino & Scotty Anton- 7/22/00 Peoria

11. Bubba & D-Von Dudley vs. Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley- 6/17/99 Chicago

12. The Sandman vs. Justin Credible- 6/24/00 Chicago- Dusty Rhodes, Steve Corino, Jack Victory, Scotty Anton, Francine, Gorgeous George & Raven all get involved

13. Mike Awesome vs. Spike Dudley- 11/18/99 Chicago

14. Rob Van Dam vs. Little Guido- 6/24/00 Chicago

15. Tommy Dreamer, Danny Doring & Road Kill vs. C.W. Anderson, Simon Diamond & Swinger- 7/21/00 Decatur

16. Steve Corino crashes a Limp Bizkit concert in Peoria- 11/20/99- over 25 minutes of unedited footage. Much of this never aired anywhere!!!
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