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ECW's Greatest Moments Vol. 1

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Featuring some of the greatest storyline twists in the history of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Witness classic ECW matches, all of which lead to historic angles. This tape features all the greats that have stepped in the ECW ring including Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero, Sabu, Taz, Cactus, Funk, Douglas, Pillman, Lawler, Sandman, Dreamer, and Raven.

1. Shane Douglas throws down the NWA Title belt

2. Sandman blinding angle

3. Taz & Sabu vs Malenkos…Public Enemy attack Sabu & Taz and put Paul Heyman through a table

4. Sandman vs 2 Cold Scorpio…Malenko & Benoit jump Scorpio before and after the match

5. Public Enemy interview…Benoit & Malenko attack Rocco Rock in a wheelchair

6. Raven interview…Richards brings out the Broad Street Bullies, Dreamer comes out and they brawl

7. Cactus Jack vs D.C. Drake…Terry Funk in a box angle

8. Generation X Gauntlet Match…Dreamer must beat 3 guys to get to Raven

9. Benoit interview…Calls out Taz who gets jumped by Malenko, Rick Steiner makes the save

10. Public Enemy vs Ian & Axl Rotten…Bill Alfonso stops the match before it starts, Gangstas debut

11. Shane Douglas vs Sandman…Woman turns on Shane, Sandman wins World Title, Douglas walks out the front door

12. Public Enemy vs Pit Bulls…Double Dog Collar Match, PE gets 5 min. with Richards which leads to wild angle with Raven Dreamer, & Luna Vachon

13. 2 Cold Scorpio & Dean Malenko vs Taz & Eddy Guerrero…Bill Alfonso brings out Rob Feinstein who gets chokeslammed by 911

14. Tod Gordon fires Shane Douglas…Douglas destroys Gordon

15. Ravens Army attacks Dreamer & Luna…PitBulls turn babyface, Dudleys get involved

16. Tod Gordon vs Bill Alfonso…Tazz turns heel

17. Beulah announces shes pregnant

18. Brian Pillman appears in ECW & attacks a fan…Shane Douglas comes out

19. Headhunters jump Mustafa then make an open challenge…Bruise Brothers return

20. Dreamer interview…Raven comes out, Bruise Brothers watch Dreamers back and then turn heel & attack him

21. Shane Douglas interview…Pillman is at ringside and pulls a lady & baby in front of him

22. Eliminators & Gangstas brawl…Eliminators put New Jack between 2 tables and give him Total Elimination

23. Interview with Ravens doctor, which leads to wild brawl with Raven, Dreamer, Bruise Brothers, & Sandman…Brian Lee debuts

24. Steve Richards announces Peaches as Ravens new valet

25. Raven vs Terry Gordy…Raven confronts Sandman with his son

26. First ever confrontation with Sabu & Tazz

27. Clip of Raven vs Dreamer…lights go out in the ECW Arena & Jerry Lawler debuts

28. Sabu & Rob Van Dam vs Sandman & Tommy Dreamer…Jerry Lawler returns & Jim Cornette appears
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