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ECW's Greatest Moments Vol. 2

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See the storyline twists that made an extreme legacy. If you've never seen this material, you owe it to yourself to get this tape to see what ECW was all about in its glory years. If you've already seen these four hours of historic matches and moments, we are sure you want to relive them again.

1. Sabu, Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Dreamer, Sandman & mystery partner (Cage Match)- Rude turns on Dreamer & Sandman

2. Spike Dudley vs. Bam Bam Bigelow- Spike scores huge upset

3. Van Dam vs. Dreamer- Dreamer gets buried under WWF flag

4. Sabu breaks a beer bottle over Sandman's head

5. Dreamer & Beulah McGillicutty vs. Van Dam & Bill Alfonso- Fonzie loses 30% of his blood in what has been called the best mixed tag team match ever

6. Rick Rude tells Shane Douglas he's found someone to challenge him for ECW world title

7. Douglas vs. Bigelow

8. Taz & Bigelow vs. Douglas, Chris Candido & Lance Storm- Bigelow rejoins Triple Threat

9. Ten bell salute to honor Dreamer's grandfather- Justin Credible interrupts

10. RVD vs. Bigelow- RVD wins TV title

11. Dudley Boys vs. Dreamer, Sandman & Spike- Bubba & D-Von break Beulah's neck

12. Dreamer announces Sandman's departure- Credible & Jack Victory attack Dreamer

13. Taz saves Sabu & Van Dam and forms new Triple Threat

14. Douglas hires Taz to destroy Sabu

15. Douglas & Taz vs. Sabu & RVD- Taz tries to break Sabu's neck

16. Credible canes Chastity and Dreamer makes save but gets attacked by Credible & Terry Funk

17. Dudleys call out Public Enemy

18. Dudleys altercation with Mustafa & New Jack- Mustafa turns on New Jack

19. Douglas confrontation with Storm & Credible- Douglas & Francine get attacked

20. Storm introduces Dawn Marie as the new Beulah- Dreamer gets involved

21. Altercation with Steve Corino, Victory & Tajiri, who blows mist in Francine's face- Taz saves Dreamer

22. Dudleys farewell- Dreamer & Raven win tag titles

23. Impact Players vs. Dreamer & Raven- Sandman returns
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