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Elks Lodge to the Extreme Vol. 1

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The Elks Lodge in Queens, NY has always been a stomping ground for professional wrestling in the United States. Extreme Championship Wrestling first made the building famous with some of the most craziest matches in the companies history. Soon after ECW folded independant wrestling promotions started poping up in the Elks Lodge to keep the aura of the building flowing. Check out Vol.1 of Elks Lodge To The Extreme to see some of the best matches that have been held in this building since ECW.

1. Sabu vs. Al Snow - 9/26/03

2. Eddy Guerrero vs. Low Ki - 11/30/01

3. Raven vs. Sandman - 6/27/03

4. AJ Styles vs. Amazing Red - 10/19/02

5. Sabu vs. Low Ki - 1/25/02

6. Sandman vs. Al Snow - 8/29/03

7. Steve Corino vs. Homicide - 1/17/03

8. Sabu vs. Balls Mahoney - 1/17/03

9. Eddy Guerrero vs. Devon Storm - 1/11/02

10. Raven vs. Justin Credible 4/4/03

11. Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki vs. Xavier - 1/17/03

Plus a bonus match!
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