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Empty Arena Wrestling Challenge Vol. 3

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Top wrestlers from around the country converge to compete in "The Empty Arena Wrestling Challenge."  It's not about the fans, it's about pride!  An all star lineup of grapplers battle it out to prove they're the best!

  1. Lance Hoyt vs. Matt Sharpe
  2. Nigel McGuiness, Matt Stryker & Desire vs. David Young, Chad Collyer & Sonny Siaki
  3. Nick Berk vs. Z-Barr
  4. Nigel McGuiness vs. Boogalou
  5. Niguel McGuiness vs. Chad Collyer
  6. Nick Berk vs. C.W. Anderson
  7. Nigel McGuiness vs. Z-Barr
  8. Elix Skipper vs. Brad Attitude
  9. Brad Attitude, Bounty Hunter & Z-Barr vs. Elix Skipper, Ray Lloyd (Glacier) & Scotty Matthews
  10. Elix Skipper vs. Z-Barr
  11. Nick Berk vs. Chad Collyer
  12. Desire vs. Chad Collyer
  13. Nigel McGuiness & Matt Stryker vs. Boogalou & Low-Ryda
  14. Nigel McGuiness vs. Sonny Siaki
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