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Extreme Fueds Dreamer vs. Lee

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All of these matches are nothing but total brawls. Blood, Brawling, Weapons, & Sick Bumps are usually common between thesetwo. Early fued of the year candidate!

1. Brian Lee attacks Tommy Dreamer...Lee's debut

2. Dreamer vs. Lee... Lee Breaks a brick over dreamers groin

3. Lee/Eliminators vs. Dreamer/Pitbulls...Brawl into traffic

4. Lee/Bruise Brothers vs. Dreamer/Pitbulls...Brawl into traffic

5. lee vs. Dreamer...Brawl into traffic

6. Lee vs. Dreamer...Back at it in the streets

7. Lee vs. Dreamer...More traffic

8. Lee vs. Dreamer...weapons match

9. Gangstas/Dreamer vs. Bruise Brothers/Lee...falls anywhere
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