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Extreme Invasion of CZW

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Before the stars of ECW tried to take over the WWF, they went after the most hardcore promotion in the United States. Barbed wire cuts flesh, blood flows and wild brawls ensue when the men who made ECW extreme clash with the warriors who make CZW ultraviolent on this two-hour compilation.

1. Super Crazy vs. Ric Blade- Smyrna, DE 1/20/01
2. Tajiri vs. Justice Pain- Smyrna, DE 1/20/01
3. Tajiri vs. Super Crazy- Sewell, NJ 2/10/01
4. Super Crazy vs. Ric Blade vs. Nick Mondo (Ladder Match)- Sewell, NJ 2/10/01
5. Tajiri vs. Justice Pain- Mikey Whipwreck gets involved, Sewell, NJ 2/10/01
6. Balls Mahoney vs. Wife Beater (Death Match)- Sewell, NJ 2/17/01
7. Tajiri vs. Nick Berk- Dover, DE 2/28/01
8. Tajiri vs. Zandig- Dover, DE 2/28/01
9. Tommy Dreamer vs. Zandig- Smyrna, DE 3/10/01
10. Tommy Dreamer vs. Zandig (Barbed Wire Match)- Dover, DE 4/4/01
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