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FanSlam Q & A Session 8/23/03

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The question and answer session featured Kevin Von Erich, Bobby Heenan, Crowbar, Ricky Steamboat, Gary Michael Cappetta, Paul Orndorff, and JJ Dillon. Some of the topics of the Q & A were:

- Thoughts on Vince McMahon
- Thoughts on Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff
- Kevin Von Erich discusses the death of his brothers
- Ricky Steamboat discusses his Wrestlemania 3 match with Randy Savage
- Ricky Steamboat discusses his classic matches with Ric Flair
- Thoughts on the brand extension
- Thoughts on the death and sale of WCW
- JJ Dillion discusses the 4 Horseman and who his favorite was
- Bobby Heenan tells tons of road stories
- Bobby Heenan discusses negatives/positives of WWF and WCW
- Bobby Heenan tells what current wrestler he would have liked to have in the Heenan Family
- Thoughts on the current state of wrestling
- Thoughts on NWA-TNA- Discussion on who is the best wrestler today
- Ricky Steamboat discusses politics and why he never got a WWF Title run
- JJ Dillion talks about the disorganization of the WCW offices
- Kevin Von Erich talks about what he has been doing for the past 20 years
- Discussion on the death of Miss Elizabeth- Thoughts on Vince taking over the territory's in the 80's
- Thoughts on the McMahon family being all over WWE tv
- JJ Dillion and Bobby Heenan discuss the art of managing
- Thoughts on the Paul Orndorff-Vader backstage fight
- Ricky Steamboat discusses his final match and career ending injury - Paul Orndorff discusses working stiff with Hulk Hogan
-All this and more!
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