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Flashback- Where The Big Boys Play!

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RF Video is releasing a DVD collection featuring eight former World Championship Wreslting stars! Over the years there have been many incredible interviews put into the vault and this collection contains some of the very best.  Look at this lineup: Jimmy Hart, Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray), Sherry Martel, Sonny Ono, Diamond Dallas Page, Kimberly Page, Daffney, and Tylene "Major Gunns" Buck!
This collection includes Jimmy hart talking about the WCW/WWE wrestling war, Harlem Heat tearing into many teams – including the Public Enemy - , Sherry Martel describing an incredible incident at a house show in which the Ultimate Warrior pulled down her top, Sonny Ono discussing American fans being exposed to Japanese talent, DDP on his friendship with Kevin Nash but unfriendly relationship with Scott Hall, Kimberley Page explaining how she started the Nitro Girls, Daffney on the subject of women in wrestling, and Tylene Buck talking about, of all people, NEW JACK!
All this and a whole lot more as each interview contains rare and exclusive footage with the fabulous men and women. Relive some magical years of wrestling with the guys and gals who were in the trenches during one of the most exciting times in wrestling history. Hear the stories you've never heard before. See the stars who often had to take a back seat to the more "mainstream" wrestlers, but who often had more to offer than the guys on top. This is your chance to once again be a part of something special and remember why you loved wrestling in the first place!
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