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Flashback- Wrestling Superstars

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1.Rob Van Dam 2005 interview-at the BTW 8th annivesary show Rob speaks on the mike to fans then does a real interview talking about his first in ring experience with Ted Dibiase,his patience while awaiting his eventual push and how most proud he is of his days with ECW.
2.Rob Van Dam 2008 interview-Post WWE Rob holds nothing back as he speaks his mind on the new ECW,his controversial suspension after winning the WWE/ECW titles,his stong opinions on marijuana compared to cigarettes,his views on life and his RVDTV on line reality series.(The mic wasn't plugged in properly so there is a lot of background commotion but you can still hear all that's being said.)
3.Gangrel 2008 interview-The Vampire Warrior talks about his new forte directing adult films as well as his career in WWE.How his ring entrance music was made and how he feels about his former Brood partners Edge & Christian.
Plus!See Gangrel in action as he challenges "Irresistible Jason Styles for the BTW Heavyweight Championship!
4.Matt Hardy interview(2005) Just a week after Matt shocked the wrestling world when he attacked Edge & Lita on RAW when he was believed to be long fired.Matt holds nothing back as he speaks his mind on the scandal,Johnny Ace and the WWE, as well as his Version 1 gimmick.Also! See Matt in action against BTW superstar "Irresistible" Jason Styles.SPECIAL BONUS MATCH!Matt's brother Jeff Hardy in action against BTW's Wild Storm!
5.Chavo Guerero Sr. Interview(2007) Chavo "CLassic" talking about his early career in the LA,His time in the UWF,his famous family including Eddie & how proud he is of his son Chavo Jr & more Guereros on the way!
6.Roddy Piper Q&A(2007)-Piper in the ring at Wrestle Fan Fest in San Francisco answering audience questions ranging from the transition from WWE to WCW to his infamous chain match with Greg Valentine.Plus!See teh actual chain from that classic match!
7.Nasy Boys' Brian Knobbs & Demolition(2007) Knobbs says hello to our camera being his nasty self.former WWF tag Team champions Axe & Smash "Demolition" beingtheir wild selves [lus cameos by Diamond dallas Page 7 "Mean" Gene Okerlund!
8.The Iron Sheik(2005) The Sheik being his crazy self going off on Hulk Hogan,Bob Backlund and Mil Mascaras.
9.Captain Lou Albano-quick gimmick promo by the man that helped bring pro wrestling in to the main stream.
10.L.O.D. 2000(1998) The Road Warriors not long after their short lived make over signing autographs for fans & making jokes to our camera about Paul ellering & their then manager Sunny.Special appearance by long time WWF referee Dave Hefner.
11.Doink the Clown(1998)We don't know which Doink this is but he hams it up for our camera durring an autograph signing &  really cuts up on our crew.Plus The Honky Tonk Man & Greg Valentine are seen in this also.
12.Al Snow(2002)-a quick visit with Al Snow at a Fozzy show with the cast of "Tough Enough 2".Al goofs off asking about midgets and teh show.
1.Baby Doll(2007)-"The perfect 10"(Nickla Roberts)talks about growing up in the business,her time in WCCW with Gino Hernandez as "Andrea The Lady Giant",her NWA days working with Tully Blanchard,the 4 Horsemen and Dusty Rhodes,her divorce from sam Houston,getting involved in the business again and her opinions on todays "Divas".
2.Dawn Marie(2007)-Former ECW/WWE diva brings us up tp date on where she's been since leaving WWE,her time in the old ECW and her infamous feud with Torrie Wilson.
3.Chyna(2007)-talking about current projects like VH1's Celebrity rehab,her movie with Anna Nicole Smith,being on "Celebrity Boxing" fighting Joey Buttafuoco.her thoughts on wrestling and Vince Mcmahon.
4.April Hunter(2007)-Talking about being discovered by WCW after posing for Playboy.the experience of shooting for Playboy and learning the ropes of learning how to wrestle and being involved in the industry.
5.Traci Brooks vs Jacqueline(2007) -Battle of teh TNA knock outs at BTW's 11th anniversary show!
6.Gail Kim vs. Candice LaRae(2008)-former WWE/TNA Knock out Wpmen's Champion yaking on one of the top young stars on the indie scene at BTW Fan fest '08.
7.Jasmin St. Claire(1999)-the adult film star icon talks about her porn career,breakingthe gang bang world record,rock stars she's dated and her involvemnet with ECW & XPW.She holds nothing back talking about dating WCW's Billy Kidman,being helped by Missy Hyatt and her long obsession with wrestling.
8.Jasmin St. Claire(2005)-catching up with the now retired porn icon brings us up to date with her new job hosting a hevay metal DVD series and shoots on JBL & ECW's Francine!
9.Torrie Wilson/Sable-footage of teh WWE Divas signing Playboys & meeting fans for your enjoyment.
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