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Flashback- XWF Shoot Interviews

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Short lived first federation after the demise of WCW & ECW to challenge the WWE.  Things were looking promising when these interviews were done at the NATPE Convention in Vegas for San Francisco cable show "Reality Check TV"
in January of '02.  Unedited raw interviews in their entirety!

1.Nasty Boy's Jerry Saags/Hail/KISS Demon/Jimmy Snuka/Roddy Piper
Hilarious hijinks as Saags doesn't take kindly to being called a "Jobber" durring his early AWA days. Former WCW star The KISS Demon(Dale Torberg) talks about being authorized by the band KISS. How WCW didn't use taped promos he did with the band.his appearance in the Fozzy film & his dragon boots given to him by Gene Simmons. 1 time WCW wrestler Hail makes his first of many comedic appearances seen through out the DVD.the legendary Jimmy Snuka makes a cameo & then Roddy Piper appears insisting he was the first to wear a "Reality Check" shirt(Not True!)

2.Jimmy Hart-"The Mouth of the South"talks about launching the XWF and getting a great team of talent to start the new league as well as mentioning all thegreat stars he's managed such as Hulk Hogan & working with Andy Kaufman & jerry Lawler.

3.The Road Warriors-Hawk & Animal talk about being the most accoplished atg team of all time. Their embarrrassment of having a ventriliquist dummy in WWF, Hawk's battle with Ric Flair, some choice words to Vince Mcmahon & some very stern comments to Carlos Colon and their refusal to work in Puerto Rico due to the murder of Bruiser Brody.

4.Hacksaw Jim Duggan(part 1) Duggan talks about his days in the UWF battling Ted Dibiase, One Man Gang & Skandor Akbar. Appearing at Wrestlemania III preventing Nikolai Volkoff from singing the Soviet national anthem. A funny story working with Andre the Giant & Bobby Heenan and of course carrying the US flag proudly for 20 years.(the sound temporarily drops out durring this but it's breif!)

5.Kimona Wanalaya(Lei Meow)former ECW/WCW diva talks about breaking in to the business, what a mess WCW was at the en, being involved in sexy matches like bra & panties or evening gowns.  Wearing dom outfits & the lesbian angle
with Tommy Dreamer & beaulah in ECW.

6.Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker-The man that trained Bill Goldberg & ran the infamous WCW Powerplant.the sarge talks abiout his time as part of the tag team "The State Patrol" how truly tough becoming a trained wrestler is and why he makes it tough to find teh best.  Bill Goldberg dedicating a chapter to the Sarge in his book and whnat the Sarge thinks of "Tough Enough".

7.Jimmy Snuka-The "Superfly" talks about how his career started from being a body builder then a wrestling legend as well as his infamous cage match with Don Muraco.

8.Rena Mero-the diva & Playboy cover girl once known as Sable in WWE talks about her role as commisioner of the XWF and how the promotion is not to compete but to provide an alternative to the wrestling fans. She also talks about what she's been doing post WWF such as movies etc as well as working with Playboy.

9.Snuka Jr.-Here's a before he was a star moment as this young man is now known as Deuce from the tag team "Deuce & Domino" in WWE. At this time The Superfly's son was just 2 years in to the business. He talks about deciding to become a wrestler being trained by his dad and others and how he was trying to be his own wrestler.

10.Road Warrior Hawk-some drunken shenanigans in a night club as hawk hams it up for the camera, cameo by former WCW ring announcer Dave Penzer.

11.hacksaw Jim Duggan part 2-Duggan talks about the alte great Bruiser Brody.How he learned ring psychology and carrying a weapon to the ring (In Duggan's case a 2x4) an interesting story where Duggan and Brody worked a match where tehy sat in a headlock for an hour to get back at the NWA story where Jim Crocket insisted everyone where sportscoats & ties and how Brody retaliated to that. This interview was used for a book about Brody.

BONUS Matches with XWF stars in BTW!
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. L'Emperuer 3/17/06
Duggan/L'Emperuer II 3/18/06

Road Warrior vs the Ballard Brother 3/7/03 one of hawk's final appearances in the ring. Hawk was very ill with a fever dur
ing this match so Animal basically works a handicap match but Hawk does get involved. R.I.P. Hawk!!!

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