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FWE Women's Division- 3 DVD Set

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FWE’s Women’s Division has always been extremely important to us and it’s why we attract the best female talent in the world!

  1. FWE Meltdown: Winter vs. Rosita
  2. FWE Empire City Showdown: Melina & Jackie Haas highlights
  3. FWE Fallout: Tara vs. Madison Rayne
  4. FWE Haastility: Jackie Haas vs. Winter
  5. FWE No Limits 2012: Winter vs. Brooke Tessmacher
  6. Maria Kanellis vs. Tara
  7. (Winners of both matches then have a match)
  8. FWE Welcome to the Rumble: Rosita vs. Maria Kannelis
  9. FWE Big Kabosh: Melina vs. Winter Guest Referee Lita
  10. FWE Dysfunctional Family: Jillian Hall vs. Maria Kanellis Guest Referee Winter
  11. FWE X: Winter vs. Maria Kanellis
  12. FWE Back 2 Brooklyn: Beautiful People vs. Katarina Leigh & Maria Kanellis
  13. FWE No Limits: Reby Sky vs. Ivelisse Velez
  14. Angelina Love vs. Maria Kanellis
  15. FWE Welcome to the Rumble 2: Maria Kanellis & Ivelisse Velez vs. Katarina Leigh & Angelina Love
  16. FWE Grand Prix Round One: Rosita vs. Kasey Ray vs. Ivelisse Velez
  17. Angelina Love vs. Serena Deeb vs. Cheerleader Melissa
  18. FWE Grand Prix Finals: Angelina Love vs. Ivelisse Velez
  19. Christina Von Eerie vs. Taeler Hendrix
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