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History of Onita in FMW

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1. Onita & Goto vs. Matsunaga & Jerry Blayman 12/10/89 (Barbed Wire Death Match) 
2. Onita vs. Masanobu Kurisu 2/12/90 (Barbed Wire Death Match) 
3. Onita vs. Goto 8/4/90 (Electric Barbed Wire Match)
4. Onita vs. Mr Pogo 5/6/91 (Barbed Wire Landmine Match)
5. Onita vs. Asako 8/17/91 (Electric Barbed Wire Match)
6. Onita vs. Goto 9/23/91 (Barbed Wire Landmine Cage Match)
7. Onita & Goto vs. Sabu & Sheik (Ring of Fire Match)
8. Onita vs. Tiger Jet Singh 6/30/92 (Jungle Death Match)
9. Onita vs. Tiger Jet Singh 9/19/92 (Electric Barbed Wire Landmine Match)
10. Onita vs. Terry Funk 5/5/93 (Barbed Wire Landmine Match)
11. Onita vs. Mr Pogo 7/24/93 (Electric Barbed Wire Landmine Explosion Match)
12. Onita vs. Mr Pogo 8/22/93 (Barbed Wire Explosion Cage Match)
13. Onita vs. Matsunaga 12/8/94 (Electric Explosion Barbed Wire Match)
14. Onita vs. Tenryu (Barbed Wire Landmine Explosion Cage Match)
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