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History of the Big Japan Death Matches Vol. 1

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Item Number: 01946


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Are you searching for violence? Searching for mayhem or the unusual?  Well here it is this video features the most hardcore and craziest death matches you have ever seen.  Buyer beware this DVD is very disturbing and graphic!!!  

1. Axl Rotten & Shoji Nakamaki s Kendo Nagasaki + Yamakawa  (Balloon thumbtack Death Match)  *tracking issue*
2. Matsunaga & Nakamaki vs Kendo Nagasaki & Yamakawa  (Barbed Wire Scaffold Free Fall Death Match)
3. Matsunaga vs Kendo Nahasaki  (Piranha Death Match)
4. Matsunaga vs Nakamaki (Chandelier and Drum Death Match)
5. Matsunaga vs Nakamaki  (Cactus and Scorpion Death Match)
6. Matsunaga & Kojika vs Nakamaki & Yamakawa (Circus barbed Wire Trampoline Death Match on a Scaffold)
7. Matsunaga vs Yamakawa  (Fire Stone Death Match)
8. Nakamaki & Yamakawa vs Tarzen Goto & Mr X  (Triple Hell Death Match Barbed Wire Glass and Thumbtacks)
9. Great Pogo vs Jason the Terrible  (Cage Match)
10. Nakamaki & Jason vs Mr Pogo & Shadow Winger (Street Fight)
11. Matsunaga & Nakamaki & Jason vs Pogo Army (Falls Count Anywhere)
12. Nakamaki vs Mr Pogo (Bunkhouse Match)
13. Matsunaga & Goto vs Nakamaki & Yamakawa  (Lightbulb Death Match)

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