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ICW The Revolution Continues 1/26/01

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1. Chris Candido & Balls Mahoney vs Da Baldies
2. Kid Kash vs Chris Candido
3. Tajiri vs Low Ki
4. Missy Hyatt vs Electra...Evening Gown Match
5. Boogie Knights vs Hit Squad vs Natural Born Killers...Tables Match
6. Little Guido vs Mikey Whipwreck vs Xavier
One Night-Northeast Title Tournament:
7. Devine vs Red
8. Prince Nana vs Maxino
9. Judas Young vs Kid Kruel
10. Sledge vs El Gringo
11. Red vs Maximo...Mikey Whipwreck's students battle, tons of high-flying moves.
12. Judas Young vs Sledge
13. Maximo vs Sledge...Finals
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