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IWA Deep South Softcore Cup 2- 8/19/17

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1. First Round Total Defecation: Nation of Defecation (Boriss Dukkee & Jeff Hart) vs. Rated X (Jeremy Snaker & John the Psycho)
2. First Round Softcore Boards: Hermit Crab & Jay Impact vs. The New Religion (John Rare & Keylo Green)
3. First Round Adult XXX: Effy & Ken vs. Mr. Sleaze & White Mike
4. First Round Softcore Bats: Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge vs. Kobald & Terry Houston
5. Monkey In The Bank Ladder Match
6. Semi-Final Drunken Monkey: Jeff Hart vs. White Mike
7. Semi-Final Taipei Peanut Brittle: Mr. Sleaze vs. Terry Houston
8. Semi-Final Cookie Pans House Of Pain: Keylo Green vs. Kobald
9. Semi-Final Pans, Pools, Doors, Thumbtacks, Last Man Standing: Boriss Dukkee vs. John Rare
10. Bra & Panties: Avril vs. Spike Zombie
11. LXW Championship Street Fight: Little Donnie(c) vs. Mark Kaos
12. 5,000 Mega Blocks Massacre Softcore Cup 2 Final
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