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IWA Mid-South - The Early Years Volume 1

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IWA Mid South: The Early Years
Volume 1
10 Disc Set

IWA Mid-South October 10,1996 "Start of Something Big" (2 Disc Set)

  1. Shawn Casey vs. Ivory Nichols
  2. Gator McCallistar vs. The Outlaw
  3. 911 vs. Smokey Mountain Massacre
  4. Tracey Smothers vs. Reckless Youth
  5. Kick Boxer vs. El Perro (Mexican Death Matchl)
  6. Rocco Rock vs Bull Pain
  7. Mad Man Pondo vs Ian Rotten

IWA Mid-South December 26,1996 "Happy Helladay"

  1. Wild Child vs. Terrick the Great
  2. Tracy Smothers vs. Ian Rotten
  3. Shawn Casey w/ Dava vs. Chris Comet (Superkick Match)
  4. Bull Pain vs. Tommy Rich
  5. Rough Riders vs. Gator McAlister/Ox Harley (Gator turns on Ox)
  6. Ricky Morton vs. Doug Gilbert
  7. Mad Man Pondo vs. The Beast (Glass Xmas lights in the ring)
  8. Tommy Rich, Tracy Smothers & Ricky Morton vs. Ian Rotten, Doug Gilbert & Mad Man Pondo (Handcuff Match)

IWA Mid-South January 30, 1997 "Put Up or Shut Up"

  1. Roughriders vs War Machines (Pinfalls count anywhere)
  2. Taz vs Danny Dee
  3. Macho Man Ric Hogan vs. Tommy Rich
  4. Ian Rotten vs. Tom Burton in a shoot fight
  5. Chris Comet vs. Sean Casey
  6. American Kickboxer vs. Tarik the Great
  7. Ox Harley vs. Mad Man Pondo - thumbtack deathmatch - Finish Gets Cut Off

IWA Mid-South February 20, 1997 "Extreme Measures"

  1. Rough Riders vs. War Machines (Losing team splits up for 60 days)
  2. Gator McAlister vs. Ric Hogan
  3. Ricky Morton vs. Kip Morris
  4. Chris Comet vs. Shawn Casey
  5. Tarik the Great vs. Kickboxer (2 of 3 Falls for Light Hwt Title)
  6. Tommy Rich vs. Doug Gilbert
  7. Tom Burton & Ox Harley vs. Ian Rotten & Mad Man Pondo (Weapons Match)

IWA Mid South March 13, 1997 "Eddie Gilbert Memorial Show" - Louisville, KY (2 Disc Set)

  1. Opening Ceremonies
  2. Tower of Doom vs. Justin St. John
  3. Kip Morris vs. Bull Pain
  4. Tracy Smothers & Ace Madison vs. Gator McAllister & Rico Beatty
  5. Ricky Morton vs. Tommy Rich
  6. Four Corners Of Pain: Ian Rotten vs. Mad Man Pondo vs. Ox Harley
  7. Debbie Combs vs. Luna Vachon
  8. American Kickboxer vs. Tarek the Great
  9. Vladimir Koloff vs. Vampire Warrior
  10. Tommy Gilbert vs. Dory Funk, Jr.
  11. Chain Match: Terry Funk vs. Doug Gilbert
  12. Doug Gilbert Remembers Eddie

IWA Mid-South - April 3, 1997 "Crowning Of A Champion" - Louisville, KY

  1. Tower of Doom vs. War Machine #1
  2. Kip Morris vs. Mike Simpleton
  3. War Machine # 2 vs. Chris Kidd
  4. Ox Harley vs. Mad Man Pondo
  5. Ian Rotten vs. Tarek the Great
  6. Justin St. John vs. Bull Pain
  7. Kip Morris vs. Tower of Doom
  8. Chris Kidd vs. Ox Harley
  9. Ian Rotten vs. Bull Pain
  10. Ox Harley vs. Bull Pain vs. Tower of Doom

IWA Mid-South - April 17, 1997 - Louisville, KY "April Bloodshowers 97"

  1. Tyrin vs American Kickboxer
  2. Ox Harley vs Chrid Kidd
  3. Ian Rotten vs Kip Morris - Ians bloodiest match ever. Very sick. Blood pouring from his head like a faucet
  4. Rollin Hard vs Tower of Doom
  5. Bull Pain, Tracey Smothers & Kip Morris vs Mad Man Pondo, Ox Harley & Ian Rotten - Weapons Match

Bonus Disc

  1. Ian Rotten vs. Mad Man Pondo - Four Corners of Pain 3 (11/28/96)
  2. Ian Rotten vs. Mad Man Pondo - Light Bulb Match (12/5/96)
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