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IWA Mid-South Best of 2006 Vol. 4

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IWA Mid South 2006 Volume 4
IWA Mid-South DVD July 14, 2006 "Extreme Heaven 2006" - Plainfield, IN (2 discs)
1. Billy Roc vs. "Omega" Aaron Draven
2. Chuck Taylor vs. Drake Younger
3. Jacob Ladder & Darin Childs vs. Hillbilly Jed & Indiana Kidd Jr.
4. American Kickboxer vs. Jeff Brooks vs. "Hype" Jimmy Shalwin
5. Tracy Smothers vs. The Blue Meanie
6. Ruckus vs. Brandon Thomaselli
7. Low Ki vs. Josh Abercrombie
8. Ricochet vs. Christian Vaughn
9. Toby Klein vs. Bull Pain vs. Ian Rotten vs. Mean Mitch Page vs. Brandon Prophet vs. Insane Lane
10. No Rope Barbed Wire: Brain Damage vs. Deranged
IWA Mid-South DVD July 15, 2006 "A Blue Summers Night Strut Comedy" - Midlothian, IL (2 discs)
1. Christian Vaughn vs. "Omega" Aaron Draven
2. Hillbilly Jed & Indiana Kidd Jr. vs. Jake O?Neal & Jeff Brooks
3. Ruckus vs. Ricochet
4. Brandon Thomaselli vs. Shiima Xion
5. Brain Damage vs. Drake Younger
6. Billy Roc vs. Shane Storm
7. Larry Sweeney vs. Blue Meanie
8. No DQ: Iron Saints vs. American Kickboxer & "Hype" Jimmy Shalwin
9. Josh Abercrombie vs. Chuck Taylor
10. Toby Klein vs. Deranged
IWA Mid-South DVD Aug. 11, 2006 "Simply the Best 7" Midlothian, IL  (3 discs)
1. Ryan Cruz vs. Shane Storm
2. Ace Steel vs. Ricky Reyes
3. Mickie Knuckles vs. Rain
4. Chuck Taylor vs. Delirious
5. Ruckus vs. Derek Frazier
6. Gran Akuma, Icarus and Shiima Xion vs. Brandon Thomaselli, Marek Brave and Darin Corbin
7. Ricochet vs. "Omega" Aaron Draven
8. Tyler Black vs. Josh Abercrombie
9. The Iron Saints vs. Trik Davis and American Kickboxer
10. Toby Klein vs. Arik Cannon
11. TLC, Falls Count Anywhere: Ruckus vs. Ricochet
12. Low Ki vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
13. No DQ, Anything Goes: Brain Damage and Deranged vs. Drake Younger & Ian Rotten
14. Bonus Match: Nov. 26, 2004 - Chris Hero vs. CM Punk
IWA Mid-South DVD Aug. 12, 2006 "Scorpio Rising" - Plainfield, IN  (2 discs)
1. North Star Express vs. Shiima Xion & Shane Storm
2. Pepper Parks vs. Ricky Reyes
3. Billy Roc, Ben Sailor & Scott Murray vs. Jake ONeal, Zach McGuire & Jeff Brooks
4. Brandon Thomaselli vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
5. Gran Akuma vs. Arik Cannon
6. Icarus vs. "Omega" Aaron Draven
7. Iron Saints vs. Chuck Taylor & Ricochet
8. Delirious vs. Low-ki
9. Corporal Robinson & Deranged vs. Mitch Page & Cash Flo
10. Bull Pain vs. Toby Klein
11. Barbed Wire Boards & Barbed Wire Bat - Brain Damage vs. Drake Younger
IWA Mid-South DVD Sept. 1, 2006 "Lethal Lottery 2006" - Midlothian, IL (1 disc)
1. Brandon Thomaselli vs. Sal Thomaselli
2. Vito Thomaselli & Ian Rotten vs. Jason Dukes & Michael Elgin
3. Chuck Taylor vs. Josh Abercrombie
4. Toby Klein & Drake Younger vs. Mickie Knuckles & Ash
5.Trik Davis vs. Scottie Murray
6. Deranged vs. Billy Roc
7. Ricochet vs. Christian Vaughn
8. Battle Royal
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