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IWA Puerto Rico 9/8/01 Bayamon, PR

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Item Number: 02105


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1. Oz & Craden vs. Eric Alexander & Bryan Madness

2. Tommy & Anarchy vs. Stefano & Diabolico

3. Paprazzi vs. Scotty to Hotty

4. Chicky Starr gets jumped and bloodied by New Starr Corporation

5. Super Crazy vs. Mike Awesome

6. Justin Creible vs. Ricky Banderas

7. Miguel Perez & Hurrican Castillo vs. Andy Anderson & Agent Bruno

8. Glamour Boy Shane vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Newyorkian vs. Zaruxx the Mummy

9. Gran Apollo vs. Balls Mahoney (Barbed Wire Thumbtack on a Pole Match-Bloodbath)
<10>10. Victor the Bodyguard & Ricky Banderas vs Russ McCollough & Tiger Ali Singh (Bloodbath)
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