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IWA Tag Team Death Match Tournament

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Item Number: 02004


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This picks up where the IWA King of Death Tournament left off with Terry Funk and Cactus Jack. This DVD is not for the weak at heart and is bloody, brutal and downright disgusting.
1. Headhunters vs Terry Gordy & Yamada
2. Takano vs Nakamaki (Barbed Wire Thumbtack Death Match)
3. Cactus Jack vs Tarzan Goto (Death Match)
4. Terry Funk & Yamada vs Freddy Kruger & Boogie Man
5. Leather Face & Nakamaki vs Terry Gordy & Matsuda
6. Cactus Jack and Tiger Jet Singh vs Terry Funk & Yamada
7. Kabuki & Benkei vs Nakamaki & ?
8. Cactus Jack & Tiger Jet Singh vs Goto & Gannosuke

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