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IWC A Call to Arms 4 Night 2- 12/8/07

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  1. Ricky Reyes vs. Davey Richards
  2. Brent Albright vs. Claudio Castagnoli
  3. Sexual Harassment vs. Southern Comfort
  4. Delirious vs. Eric Young
  5. Samoa Joe vs. Too Cold Scorpio
  6. Shirly Doe, Super Hentai, Lords, Facade & Radford vs. Jimmy Vegas, Jimmy D, Kid Sensation, Sebastian Dark & Teddy Fine
  7. Shane Douglas returns to IWC
  8. Fab vs. Larry Sweeney (Steel Cage Match)
  9. Dennis Gregory vs. Raymond Rowe (Steel Cage Match)
  10. The Sandman vs. Dennis Gregory (Steel Cage Match)
  11. Babyface Fire vs. The Gambino Brothers (Steel Cage Match)
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