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IWC Showdown in Turkeytown 2- 4/30/05

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IWC Showdown in Utown 2: The Aftermath
April 30th, 2005
Uniontown, PA - Uniontown VFW

  1. IWC World Heavyweight Title
    Shirley Doe vs. Tracy Smothers
  2. IWC Super Indy Title
    "Fabulous" John McChesney vs. Sterling James Keenan
  3. Elimination Match
    CM Punk vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki
  4. IWC Tag Team Title Match
    The Midnight Express vs. Sebastian Dark & HENTAI
  5. Shiima Xion & Glenn Spectre vs. Dean Radford & Jason Gory
  6. Jimmy Demarco vs. Jake Garrett
  7. Davey Andrews vs. Dirk Ciglar
  8. Troy Lords & J-Rocc vs. The Gambino Brothers Moving Company
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