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IWC The Best of Shiima Xion

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Shiima Xion vs. Jason Gory
The Debut of Shiima Xion - Youth Gone Wild - 11/6/04

The International Males vs. The Gambino Brothers
Showdown in U-Town 4 - 11/19/05

BabyFace Fire vs. The Motor City Machine Guns
Newville Knockout IV - 8/16/08

Shiima Xion vs. Ray Rowe
IWC World Heavyweight Title Match - Night of Legends 2009 - 3/20/09

Shiima Xion vs. John McChesney
IWC World Heavyweight Title Match - No Excuses 5 - 8/1/09

Shiima Xion vs. Jimmy DeMarco
IWC World Heavyweight Title Match - A Call To Arms 2009 Night 2 - 12/12/09

Shiima Xion vs. Azrieal vs. Johnny Gargano
Super Indy IX Tournament Finals - Super Indy IX - 5/8/10

Shiima Xion vs. Super Hentai
Steel Cage Match - Caged Fury 2010 - 8/21/10

Shiima Xion vs. Roderick Strong
Super Indy Champ vs. ROH Champ - Winner Takes All 2011 - 11/20/10

Shiima Xion, Justin Idol, Corey Futuristic, & David R. DiMera vs. Logan Shulo, Chest Flexor, Low Rider, & Cingsley
Super Indy X - 6/18/11
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