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Jim Cornette Live Shoot Interview Q & A 11/1/03

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Fans were given a rare opportunity on November 1st, 2003 to sit down with legendary manager Jim Cornette and ask him the questions in this shoot interview. Cornette was insightful, articulate and brilliant as always in giving honest answers to everything the fans asked him from racial discrimination to road stories to current OVW & WWE stars. When Cornette talks, you always have something to learn and you will always be entertained so check out this unique shoot interview with one of wrestling's greatest minds. Topics include:

-How to be a successful manager
-Focus points on cutting promos
-Thoughts on how OVW talent is used in WWE
-Thoughts on Rick Bassman
-Talks about matt Morgan's progress
-Thoughts on IWA & Ian Rotten
-Opinion on hardcore wrestling
-How he feels about Wade Keller and the internet
-Compares The Midnight Express of Eaton & Condrey to Eaton & Lane
-Thoughts on Bill Watts & Mid South
-Stories about being a heel in the south during the time period when many fans thought wrestling was real
-Feelings on the business being exposed so much
-Talks about Vince Russo
-Why he thought the Brawl for All was a terrible idea
-Talks about the Tough Enough wrestlers in OVW
-How WWE picks talent from OVW to be brought up
-Opinion on Paul London getting a WWE contract after being in OVW for such a short period of time
-Talks about Nick Dinsmore, Doug Bashman, Damaja, Rob Conway and other guys who made a name for themselves in OVW
-Thoughts on the Jim Wilson book called 'Chokehold'
-Talks about the WCW racial discrimination lawsuit and other black athletes in pro wrestling
-His opinion on why live event attentance is down & what promotions can do to raise it
-What determines who gets pushed in OVW
-How Nova has progressed in OVW
-Things that must happen before he puts a wrestler on TV
-How the WWE stars work to get the OVW talent over
-Talks about the segment on Raw where he went off on the NWO & WCW and what he did to keep it legal
-His opinion on the Klig & the NWO
-All this & much more!
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