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Jizust Mizarried: Sinn and Stacy Wedding Special

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Did you miss the wedding? Well here's your invitation to all the festivities!
  1. Jizust Mizarried: Bachelor & Bachelorette Party
    Kizarny and the Kat are getting married but before they do they have to have the bachelor & bachelorette party. If you think they make a odd couple just wait and see how odd their bachelor & bachelorette party is. Instead of strippers and beer you get Nasty Boys, gay wrestlers, and pizza. This party is filled with all kind of goodness and you get a sense of the weirdness to come on the ongoing series, JIZUST MIZARRIED.
  2. Jizust Mizarried: Before the Wedding with the Groom
    Watch as Sinn Bodhi gets ready for the biggest day of his life. Also, you get to meet Mama and Papa Bodhi and once you meet them you will fully understand why Sinn is so weird.
  3. Jizust Mizarried: Before the Wedding with the Bride
    Watch as Stacy is in such a rush to get married she can not wait for all of her guest to arrive. Luckily, Jimmy Hart is there to calm her down. This footage is classic. Jimmy is so funny and entertaining just waiting around for the wedding to start. This footage is a must see and for you the HIGHSPOTS TV viewers you get it raw and uncut.
  4. Jizust Mizarried: The Wedding
    Sinn and Stacy are very happy to have found each other and they are just as happy to share the most wonderful moment in there lives with all of you. Also, for you the viewers of Highspots TV you get to see what happens right after the wedding too.
  5. Jizust Mizarried: The Reception
    This reception may have had a short invite list but Sinn and Stacy want to invite you the viewers of Highspots TV as well.
  6. Jizust Mizarried: Day One
    Most married couples go on their honeymoon their first day of their marriage. Not Sinn and Stacy they go to work. Sinn and his brother Kobra Kai with Stacy in their corner do battle against Shawn Spears and the Belgium Brawler.

    Also, later on that evening Stacy takes part in a bikini contest as a judge. A contest that has a former WWE Diva and Steven's (Sinn's Brother) girlfriend competing for the top spot.
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