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If there is one news day to read everything, this is it.

PW ELITE's debut Dimond Division show last night proved that womens wrestling is still alive!!

Mukhan Singh  formally known as Bastian Booger, Sir Oliver Humperdink and Billy Jack Haynes shoot with RF VIDEO exclusively!!!! But that is nothing compared to what we have coming soon, trust me!!

Tons of new DVDs to be on sale tomorrow!!!

It is Sunday and I have no clue where to start as this is going to be a loaded report.  This was by far the best weekend for RF VIDEO in months.  The crazy thing is I already know what is coming up for us and we are going to drop a bombshell very soon once again, so I can actually see myself typing this same thing very soon.

I know that I have said this time and time again but this is a shoot.  I am speaking from my heart and there were 4 other people in the room when we conducted the Billy Jack Haynes shoot interview last night that will agree with me.  We filmed the most telling shoot interview of all time!!!  I do not care if you are not a fan of him but this is the shoot interview that will be talked about more than ANYONE that we have ever conducted before.

Move over Bad News Brown, as the Billy Jack Haynes shoot just bumped you off the top 3 chart for shoots.  This interview might be our #1 shoot to date for crazy  wrestling stories trust me when I say this.



The interview starts off when he talks about his childhood and how he was molested as a child by a family member.  He quickly breaks down on camera as he goes into great detail of how this incident actually caused a family member to be killed.  It is a very sad story.

We talked about his early up bringing and how he broke into the wrestling business in Portland for Don Owens. There are a ton of stories on all the greats from that time period like Dynamite Kid, Henning, Piper, Zenk, Buddy Rose and more.

Billy also talks about how he entered the Florida territory.  He talks for the very first time ever on why he thought Eddie Graham killed himself.  We have done a ton of shoot interviews and for the very first time Billy Jack told the real reason in his mind why this happened.  The story involves a famous booker taking his top talent to the Crockett territory.  You will be shocked to hear what happened between the two and what Eddie wrote to Billy Jack before he shot himself.  He actually said this booker was lucky that he was not shot too.  He goes into detail on letters that he got from Eddie before he passed away.

Billy told tons of classic stories on Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Sullivan, Wahoo McDaniel, the Whindhams, Ric Flair and more from the Florida days.  You will hear how he almost got into a fist fight with Barry Whindham and why. He talks about a huge fight in the locker room between a top star also that is amazing. 

Billy talks about steroids and everything you are not supposed to hear. You will also hear for the first time new details on the death of Gino Hernandez.    He talks about his brief run in the Texas territory for the Von Erichs.

Ready for more insane stories.  What happened when Billy went to work for the Crocketts at Starcde when he worked in a tag against the Andersons?  You will hear in great detail on the actual physical altercation that took place between himself and Jim Crockett.  How he than went to confront Dusty Rhodes in the locker room and more!!

He talked about how he entered the WWF and why had had to quit after only a few weeks the first time.  He also talks about going back and the interview picks up even more steam.  You will hear about his classic match with Hercules at WrestleMania 3 and why it was so stiff.  He talks alot about Hulk Hogan.  He talks about drugs and Hulk Hogan and he had alot of nice things to say about Hogan.  He told a great story on how Hogan helped him with his grand opening of his gym for free.  He also went into great details of a incident with him and Hogan that almost saw them fist fight in a locker room. This had to do with Billy Jack going on TV and talking about Hogan and steroids.  The story is awesome.  You will hear about how he went on a talk show with Roddy Piper in Portland and how he went toe to toe with Piper and why he thinks Piper is the ultimate worker.

There are a ton or road stories on his time in the WWF including ribs and more. Billy talks about all his classic matches and more but this interview really deals with behind the scene stuff more than any other shoot ever.  He talked about quitting WWF after not wanting to do a job for them in his hometown. He takes us thru his meetings with the top guys behind the scenes and what lead him to leaving.

He talked about opening his own promotion and how he lost over a million bucks doing it.  HE also talked about how the WWF really helped put him out of business.  Why did someone want to kill his dog? He also talked about going to WCW and what happened to him when he got there with his new gimmick.  He has no love towards Dusty Rhodes so he talks alot on what it was like to work with him in WCW. Why Hogan did not go to bat for him in WCW and more.

He talked about going back to Portland and USWA.  The stuff he says about USWA will make your mouth drop.  He talks about his pay offs and why he does not like Jerry Lawler. This is where the interview really starts to get insane.

When Billy was down on his luck he went back to the Portland area.  He said he got a call from someone who wrestled for the WWF to go back to the company so he drove all the way to TX.  When he got there he was told they were not going to use him and he should come back the next night. Well the same thing happened again and he found out he was being ribbed by Brian Adams.  He talked about going to his car to get a gun and how he wanted to shoot Vince in the head but Hercules and Hogan stopped him.  The story is shocking and I have never heard about it before.  This is just an amazing story that you must hear.

When his father passed away Billy's life turned to the dark side as he said on the interview he did not care anymore about life.  He also talked about why he had a reputation for being a bad ass in the ring.  

He also talks about his 3 suicide attempts in great detail including a gun, drugs and how he stabbed himself in his head with a butcher knife at his parents grave site.  He told us that he took a white blanket and went to the cemetary and his idea was that after he stabbed himself in the head that he wanted to have all the blood seep into the ground and bring his parents back after the blanket would turn all red. He was taken away to a "e;nut house"e; as he called it when the police showed up.

I can tell you one thing that this is the shoot of the decade for stories.  It will be hands down the most talked about interview that we have ever conducted.  In all the years that we have done interviews this man touched on every major story that we have talked about with other guys in great detail.  He even talks about the death of Bruiser Brody and his views on that. 

Here are the list of topics that we talked about with him---
Were you a fan growing up
How did you break in, who trained you
What was his training like
What was the hardest thing to pick up in training
Memories of your first match
Initial memories of meeting Don Owen
What was the travel like
Did anyone mentor you
Memories/thoughts on Rip Oliver
Memories/thoughts on Buddy Rose
Memories/thoughts on Roddy Piper
Memories/thoughts on Tom Zenk
Memories/thoughts on Dynamite Kid
Did he rib you at all
Memories/thoughts on Bobby Jaggers
Memories teaming with Ricky Vaughn
Memories/thoughts on Ken Patera
Memories/thoughts on Matt Bourne
Memories/thoughts on teaming with Stan Stasiak
Memories/thoughts on Curt Hennig
Memories/thoughts on Tom Pritchard
How important were the Apter mags to your early success
What happened when you were contacted by Tom Laughlin
Were there ever any attempts early on in your career to make you an NWA champion
Memories of your matches with Ric Flair
How did you wind up down in the Florida area
Memories/thoughts on Superstar Graham
Memories teaming with Wahoo Mcdaniel
Memories/thoughts on Dusty Rhodes
Memories/thoughts on Eddie Graham
Memories/thoughts on Rick Rude
Memories/thoughts on the Windhams
Memories/thoughts on Kevin Sullivan
How influential were steroids to your look
Thoughts on steroids in the business
How did you wind up in World Class
Impressions and thoughts on Fritz Von Erich
How out of control were his sons
Thoughts on being managed by Sunshine
Why did you leave so soon
Memories wrestling the Andersons at Starrcade
Did Jim Crockett or Dusty try and keep you there full time
You went back to Portland in 86 and then abruptly left for the WWF, did you give Don Owen any notice because you were champ at the time
How were you contacted to go to the WWF
Initial thoughts on Vince
What were your expectations going in
How were you accepted by the locker room
Who did you ride and room with
How did your life change now that you were a WWF superstar
What was the travel like
Memories/thoughts on your series with Randy Savage
Memories/thoughts on Hulk Hogan
Was there any jealousy from him at all
Memories/thoughts on your series with Hercules
What was it like wrestling at Wrestlemania 3
Why do you think you never got any high profile matches on Saturday Nights Main Event other than the battle royal
At what point did you buy your gym
Is it true you were fired from the WWF after you refused to do a job and if so, what were the circumstances
In retrospect do you regret it or stand by your decision that night
What were your plans after you left
You ran a show in Oregon City a year or so later, you were accused of not paying the boys, what happened
Is it true that some of the guys threatened to kill your dog
How did you wind up in WCW
Thoughts on Jim Herd and Dusty at the time
Who came up with the Black Blood gimmick
Did it bother you that you had to wear a mask
Memories teaming with One Man Gang
Who did you ride with in that time period
What was the locker room like
What were politics like
What was it like when Ric Flair left as WCW Champ
Memories/thoughts on Lex Luger
What happened, why did your tenure there come to an end
What were your plans after you left
How different was Portland this time around when you returned
Memories/thoughts on your series with Steve Doll
Memories/thoughts on the Harris boys
Memories/thoughts on Brian Adams
Did you ever try and reach out to return to the WWF at this time
What was it like when Portland finally closed
How did you wind up in the USWA
Memories/thoughts on Jerry Lawler
Memories/thoughts on Brian Christopher
Memories/thoughts on Jeff Jarrett
Was it hard mentally from going from Wrestlemania 3 to now the USWA
Was it hard to make a living there
Memories/thoughts on Brian Armstrong
At what point did you realize your career was over
How much do you miss it
What advice would you guys to talent wanting to get a job in the WWE
Would you like to go back
Do you still follow the business
Does it bother you when you see less talented guys on television while you cant get booked in the WWE or TNA
Would you ever write a book
Best ribs you ever saw
Road stories from anytime
Are you surprised by guys like Terry Funk and Flair who have been around this long
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today in wrestling
Is there anyone you didn't get a chance to work with that you wished you would have
What is your favorite moment in your career
Since I spent alot of time talking about his interview today I will talk about Oliver Humperdink and Mukhan Singh  formally known as Bastian Booger later in the week.
Last night PW ELite ran its very first Diamond Division show which saw the best collection of female wrestlers from around the globe.

Before we get into details of the show our main event was canceled due to travel problems.  It was out of our hands and PW Elite still pulled off a hell of a show.

Another website has reported that it was the last Elite show which is not the case. They also said our main event was Nikki Roxx vs Ref Hanson which was untrue.  It was a comedy spot after the main event and was not a match.  Pete  Ferriero does intend to run more shows.  Doug Gentry did a hell of a job with the booking of the show and he gets a big hats off for that.

We added some extra talent to the show which included a mixed tag match with Jay Lethal which was really a fast paced special match.

PW ELite is already working on another date for another girls show in the near future.
This DVD will be up for sale on the site very tomorrow.

Here are the quick results of the show:
1. Cheerleader Melissa d. Mercedes Martinez
2. Nikki Roxx won a 9 Girl Battle Royal
Order of Elimination:
1-  Tonya Lee
2- Cheerleader Melissa 
3. Mercedes Martinez
4. & 5. (simutaneously) Alicia & Cindy Rogers
6. April Hunter
7- Alere Little Feather
8- Sumie Sakai
3. JD Michaels w/April Hunter d. Joe Hardway w/Cha-Cha
4. Tonya Lee w/JD Michaels d. Alere Little Feather after interference from Sumie Sakai
5. Cindy Rogers/Chris Idol d. Jay Lethal/Alicia
6. Deranged/Shawn Walker d. Bison Bravado/Lockdown
After the match, Bison turned on Lockdown, by giving him an overdrive.
7. April Hunter w/JD Michaels d. Nikki Roxx
8. Nikki Roxx/Alere Little Feather d. Sumie Sakai/April Hunter w/JD Michaels

News and Notes from the show:

--Cheerleader Melissa will deff be brought back to Elite.  She is a great talent.  Her match with Mercedes was great.  We would have had them in the main event for the show and but they had a double shot to make which was already known ahead of time. Look for big things out of both of these famales in the future.

--PW ELite was very impressed with Nikki Roxx.  She had a great match with April Hunter.  Both of these girls should be a force in Elite in the future.

--JD Michaels is a hell of a worker.  He is a little bump machine and his gimmick is great.  He is a great heel as well and he actually knows how to work the crowd.

--This was the first time that Itsuki Yamazaki  of Jumping Bomb Angels has appeared in the ring in the United States since her WWF days.  She was the commissioner of the night and made the matches.

--The battle royal was a fun match to watch.

--This was the first time I have seen a mixed match live in a long time.  Alicia always plays a great bitch in the ring.  She teamed up with Chris Idol to take on Cindy Rogers and Jay Lethal.  This match was very fast paced and even featured men on women action!!

--The main event had a bonus match added as it turned into the tag match with Nikki Roxx/Alere Little Feather d. Sumie Sakai/April Hunter.....The finish of the show had a wild brawl with everyone on the show that spilled into the fans. 

This show has it all for women matches from strong style to just all out brawls.  There is something for everyone on the show and I think everyone will enjoy this DVD!!!
Yesterday RF VIDEO was at the Wrestle Reunion 4 convention and we had a blast.  We met so  many great fans and we partied in the hotel for a few days before the event.

I want to really let the cat out of the bag as there is something in the air that is going on. This website will have so many huge announcments in the near future and you will not want to miss them.

For those who didn't catch WWE Friday Night SmackDown this week (believe me, there is more who didn't see the show then you may think), Paul Heyman mentioned that Kurt Angle has issued an open challenge for ECW One Night Stand to any man from any type of ring, four sided, six sided or eight sided.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer mentioned that the "e;unofficial"e; response from UFC about the statement was pure laughter. Some even found it interesting that WWE would even slightly acknowledge TNA and UFC on WWE television, even without saying the names itself. Of course, Daniel Puder's name has already been tossed out as a rumor.

As of now, many would find it very surprising if Puder would end up working the show. The general feeling is that Angle's opponent will more than likely be a talent currently under contract with WWE that was a former TNA star or someone that they are wanting to debut for the new ECW brand. We will continue to follow this story as it develops has also announced that John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam for the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand will be made official on Monday Night RAW this week when a contract signing takes place.

An article has been added in the ECW section of taking a look at Tazz's challenge to Jerry Lawler on SmackDown for the ECW One Night Stand PPV on June 11.

There is also an article up talking about the "e;dream match"e; between Rey Mysterio and Sabu at ECW One Night Stand on June 11 for the World Heavyweight Championship noted this weekend that TNA President Dixie Carter gave birth to her second child, a baby boy, on Thursday. On behalf of the staff, we would like to send out a congratulations to the Carter family during this happy time.

As noted earlier, TNA cameras will be at the June 9 House Show in Philadelphia, PA at the former ECW Arena next Friday and are expected to shoot an angle involving Team 3D and The James Gang since it was heavily teased on both iMPACT! and on TNA's website this week.

As of iMPACT! last night, here is the updated card for the TNA Slammiversary PPV on June 18 (which marks TNA's fourth anniversary):

NWA World Heavyweight Championship - King of the Mountain
- Christian Cage (c) vs. Abyss vs. Ron "e;The Truth"e; Killings vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. ??.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
- America's Most Wanted (c's) vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels.

Handicap Match
- Rhino vs. Bobby Roode & Scott D'Amore.

- Team 3D vs. The James Gang.

- Kevin Nash vs. Chris Sabin.

- Plus, the new face of TNA management will debut.

According to reports, several ECW stars such as Sabu, The Sandman, Terry Funk Tommy Dreamer and others will be appearing on RAW and SmackDown next week to sell the second ECW One Night Stand PPV on June 11 as well as the "e;WWE vs. ECW Head to Head"e; special on June 7 on the USA Network.

In addition to next week, it is believed that a heavy ECW presence will be at the WWE Monday Night RAW taping on June 12 to help promote ECW's debut on the Sci Fi Network the following night (June 13) at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central.

Ticket prices for the return of ECW to the former ECW Arena on June 24 will be $25. Many expect it to be a very emotional event as it will see the returns of former ECW performers such as Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam and others to the arena since December of 2000. Kurt Angle is scheduled to be at the event as well. Although it will "e;technically"e; be his first wrestling debut in the arena, he made a non-wrestling appearance for ECW back in October of 1996.


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