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Kevin Steen Show with The Young Bucks Vol 2

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The Kevin Steen Show Finale with The Young Buck - Volume 2
Well it's time to say goodbye and get a real job working at the GAP.  Kevin is moving to Florida for some odd reason and said he couldn't do the Kevin Steen Show anymore. Also, flights from Orlando are ridiculous so it is time for us to go our separate ways. Since we are a little frugal at the Kevin Steen Showwe would prefer to get more bang for our buck with our last venture.
What better way to go out then having as guests the tag team that has sold more t-shirts than anyone else in the history of indy wrestling, The Young Bucks.  From Matt Rushmore to the Bullet Club, Matt and Nick talk about being in the two most over factions in pro wrestling today. Also, find out why they call Nick the "Indytaker" and why you won't see the Young Bucks in DGUSA any time soon.  Spoiler Alert: it's the same reason. It's appropriate that the Young Bucks were Kevin's first guests nearly two years ago on the Tag Team Edition and also his last guests in his swan song . So, sit back and enjoy as we ride off into the same sunset.
Bonus Match
  • The Young Bucks vs. El Generico & Great Sasuke - Pro Wrestling Superstars - 1/28/12
Total Aprox. Running Time: 2 hrs 3 mins
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