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Killer Kross Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO had the opportunity to sit down with one of pro wrestling fastest rising stars right before starting with the WWE because we knew that Killer Kross was going to be the next big deal.

This interview was a tell all from his early days before he got in the business as a private bodyguard, you will hear some amazing stories on the risks and adventures of that profession.  We talk to him about breaking into the business in Las Vegas and what Disco Inferno meant to him as his mentor early on.  Kross also discusses working for indy companies like Paragon and Future Stars of Wrestling. 

Killer Kross has also made a name for himself in Japan working for IGF so of course we had to ask him that and what it was like being around the legendary Antonio Inoki.  We talk all about all the popular independent companies such as Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling, Lucha Underground and how his character was developed, working for AAA their culture and the recent passing of La Parka. 

We also asked him about House of Hardcore and what it was like to make his debut at the infamous ECW arena, Joey Ryan’s bar wrestling and all the top indy names that are on the scene that he crossed paths with before signing with Impact Wrestling. 

We talk about his entire Impact run including his storylines with Austin Aries and Petey Williams. What was it like working in the company with his real life girlfriend Scarlet Bordeaux.  His program with Eddie Edwards and so much more on his exit from the company and where it might lead him to. More stories from MLW, ROH and so much more in this amazing interview with Pro Wrestling next big thing Killer Kross.

Let’s start with the obvious – were you a pro wrestling fan growing up? 
Where did you grow up?
How did you discover pro wrestling?
Who were your favorites growing up?
Do you find they influenced your style in the ring?
What sort of athletic background did you have in terms of sports before pro wrestling?
You worked as a bodyguard before pro wrestling - walk us through how someone ends up in that world?
What sort of training do you go through for a job like that?
What sort of weapons would you carry legally?
What would the different type of jobs be like?  Would it simply be escorting someone or would you end up in a 24/7 scenario?
What's the hardest part about protecting a client?
Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you had to protect someone you didn't like?
Easiest and worst cities to protect someone in?
What was the most dangerous scenario you found yourself in?
Was there ever a point you were worried about your own life?
How do you not end up paranoid any time you go out in public when you are in that line of work?
What made you decide to move on from that world?
Have you ever thought about returning to bodyguarding?
What led to you deciding to try professional wrestling
What was the training like?  Was there anything you expected and learned that what you assumed what completely wrong?
What was the hardest aspect of the training?
Was it harder doing the physical work or trying to master the psychology of pro wrestling?
Who would you credit as mentoring you or helping you in terms of going out of their way to assist you?
Were you still bodyguarding while you were training?
If so, how do you balance out those two worlds as you are training?
You first came to prominence in the business in the Las Vegas scene. Talk a little big about the Vegas scene, as it’s an area that is overlooked.
Who are some of the local stars there you wished had gotten more attention or acclaim?
You first start wrestling as Kevin Kross - where does that initial ring name come from?
Memories of the early days of working for Future Stars of Wrestling?
How hard is it to start to network and get bookings during that time period?
Memories of working West Coast Wrestling Connection TV in Portland?
Your first national exposure of sorts is working for Paragon Pro Wrestling – what are your memories of the promotion?
Were you surprised when they secured the big TV deal?  Did you think it was going to take off or did you think they were just blowing through money to be on TV?
What lessons did you learn working for these smaller promotions in terms of preparing for TV?
What are the important differences when you are working for the camera vs. the live house?
Why do you think Paragon flamed out so quickly?
Memories of working with the following from that time period:
Kenny King
Caleb Konley
Brian Cage
What do you think are the biggest differences in the independent scene now vs. when you were breaking in?
You had the chance in 2015 to go to Japan to work for IGF, teaming with Erik Hammer vs. Suzukawa and Okamoto.  Talk us through how you end up booked on that show?
Talk us through the experience of traveling to Japan for pro wrestling for the first time?  What's the life experience like?
Did you have any interaction with Antonio Inoki?
How different was the backstage culture for that show vs. what you had seen in independent wrestling locker rooms up until that point?
You are brought into Jeff Jarrett's GFW promotion for their first TV tapings.  How is that connection made?
First impressions of Jeff Jarrett?
Memories of the tapings? 
Were there any promises made to you in terms of creative by Jarrett?
Memories of working Robert Roode and Joey Ryan at the tapings?
Did you think this was something that was going to click and blow up?
Were you surprised GFW didn't take off?
In 2018, the Cauliflower Alley Club awards you the rising star award.  What did that mean to you?
You are brought into Lucha Underground and begin to do some dark matches for the TV series.  Talk about how you end up being brought in there?
How different was the backstage scene for the tapings for that series vs. your average wrestling TV show?
There was a lot of grumbling about the LU contracts being restrictive.   Did you ever feel that way?
Break down how the creative for Lucha Underground may have been different from working for other companies.
The series gave you a chance to do vignettes and promos for the first time in a TV setting. What was that experience like?
Memories of working with the following in Lucha Underground:
Scorpio Sky
Willie Mack
Dr. Wagner Jr
Killshot aka Shane Strickland
Vinny Massarro
You worked with Mascarita Sagrada in LU - is it harder putting together a match with someone so much smaller with you?
Talk about the White Rabbit character?
Memories of working with Paul London?
Did you have any suspicion the promotion would be done after the fourth season on El Rey Network?
What do you think is the legacy of the promotion?
If it was resurrected, would you want to work there again?
The Ring Warriors promotion debuts on national TV and disappears.  Memories of working for Howard Brody and why that promotion didn’t last longer?
Through the Lucha Underground connection, you start to get booked by AAA in Mexico.  What's the differences in working in Mexico vs. the United States?
Differences in how the fans are in Mexico?
Any culture shock in adapting to the lucha style?
Is it hard to be accepted into a lucha locker room when you come from another country?
Easiest or hardest thing about getting heat as a foreigner in Mexico?  Are there any lines you are told not to cross?
You debut at the Rey de Reyes event, helping Johnny Mundo – what’s the experience like working a massive show like that?  Talk us through the moment and the aftermath?
Memories of working with Johnny Mundo and Taya in AAA.  Any advice John Morrison gave you?
Favorite memories of the following stars in Mexico:
Psycho Clown
Hijo del Fantasma
Ayako Hamada
Kobra Moon aka Thunder Rosa
El Texano
Rey Escorpion
Juventud Guerrera
Memories and thoughts on the late La Parka
Thoughts on Joey Ryan's Bar Wrestling promotion, which you've worked for quite a bit?
Memories of the following from independents in this era:
Cedric Alexander
Jason Kincaid.
Sammy Guevara
Jeff Cobb
Shane Douglas
Tyler Bateman
James Storm
Simon Grimm
You debuted for House of Hardore in 2018.  What were your hopes coming in and were you disappointed you didn't work more for HOH?
Thoughts on the atmosphere when you worked the ECW Arena?
Building your match with Little Guido on HOH TV?
Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer?
You are brought into Impact in 2018 by Jeff Jarrett - when you get the call, what are you told about Jarrett's role in Impact, the GFW merger, etc.?
What are your expectations about being brought into the company?
There was a lot of talk about the fact about Jarrett having personal issues during this era.  Was it something that an open secret in the locker room or was it kept from the locker room?
Initial thoughts on Scott D'Amore, who had come over with Jeff.
When Jarrett was fired, were you concerned about your spot, since you had come in via Jarrett and GFW?
How did things change behind the scenes after Jarrett left? 
How much do you credit your national run thus far to Jarrett?
Compare the backstage scene in Impact to the other promotions you have worked for?
How confusing was it working Impact TV since they were filming so much and a lot of it would be taped out of sequence?
Does taping that way make you a better worker in terms of putting together where your character is or is too confusing?
You sign with the promotion and there’s a narrative out there that you signed only because you believed there wasn’t any WWE interest in you at the time.  Let’s separate true from assumptions –
You had a WWE tryout prior to signing with Impact.  What was that experience like?  What about the tryout was most surprising to you?  Hardest?
Were you told at the time WWE had no interest in you?
Did you have any conversation with WWE before you signed with Impact?
When you see stories like that floated around, how does it effect you as a person?
What did you think of the storyline that introduced you as the mystery guy attacking people behind the scenes?
Thoughts on your first program with Petey Williams and Williams working so hard to get you over with the ref stoppage in your debut?
You are put with Austin Aries.  What are your initial thoughts on Austin?  He has a rep for being opinionated and according to some, hard to work with – what are your experiences with him like?
When you are told it’s going to be you and Austin, what are your thoughts on the idea of being the “insurance policy?”
Who came up with the idea of putting Moose with you and Aries?  Memories of Moose and what is it about him that really stands out as a performer?
Memories of working Dreamer and Eddie Edwards at Bound for Glory?
Memories of the night Austin Aries loses the Impact belt to Johnny Impact and walked out.  How much of that was work vs. shoot?
Were you surprises Aries left the promotion at that point?
Impact began pushing you hard as a challenger for Impact.  What was your reaction when you found out you were getting the push?
Memories of the angle where you attacked Taya and Impact?
Memories of working the following in Impact?
Fallah Bah
Kevin Matthews
Willie Mack
Trevor Lee
Memories of the feud with Eddie Edwards and working with Edwards?
Let’s clear the air on a story here from the end of your Impact run.  Did you refuse to blade during a First Blood match with Eddie Edwards at Slammiversary and what was the fallout there?
You never return to Impact and you go on Petey Williams podcast to talk about the issues you are having with the company – do you regret talking about it publicly at the time?
What’s your reaction to the issue becoming such a huge story on the Internet?
Obviously, the end of your Impact run wasn’t a positive for anyone involved – do you regret how any of that went?
How hard is it to stand up for yourself in pro wrestling when it’s such a political business?
Are there any mistakes you feel you made dealing with the situation?
Did you think it was fair you were bumped off the AAA show in NYC?
Obviously, your situation led to a lot of media attention.  Do you think you were treated fairly by the wrestling media?  Anything you took issue with?  Anyone you felt nailed the story right?
Could you ever envision a scenario where you go back to work for Impact?
What was the best part of your run there?
It’s public knowledge you are in a relationship with Scarlet Bordeaux – how much of her issues with Impact at the time crossed over into yours?
How hard is it maintaining a relationship when you are both public personas?
Since you have departed Impact, you worked for a lot of different independent promotions.  What are your thoughts on the explosion of promotions out there?
Thoughts on AAW, GCW, REVOLVER?
Memories of working the Fight Forever tribute to Bret Hart event in Puerto Rico?
Memories of touring for CWE in Canada?
Thoughts on working with the following:
Eli Drake
Hijo del Vikingo
Michael Elgin
Puma King
PJ Black
Jimmy Jacobs
Sami  Callihan
Chris Bey
Murder Clown
Darby Allin
Nick Gage
You debut this weekend for MLW – thoughts on the promotions and your hopes for working there?
Could Ring of Honor be a destination for you?
Is there anyone out there you are really hoping to work with in the ring in the future?
There’s been 10,000 stories that you’ve met with Triple H about coming into WWE.  Is there any truth to that?  If not, do you worry the stories will hurt any potential WWE interest?
Any interest in pursuing Japan going forward?  If so, what promotion do you think you’d click with best?
As we start to close this out, what have been your favorite cities to work in?
Favorite arena to perform in?
Worst travel day story?
Favorite rib in a locker room?
What goals have you set for the future?
Where would you like to see Killer Kross in 5 years?
Would you ever want to write a book about your experiences?
What do you think is the biggest misconception of Kevin the person vs.Kross the characterpe?
How much do you find the private and public versions of your personality crossing over into each other?
How do you keep your private life separate in a world of 24/7 social media?
What advice would you give rookie Kevin to help him if you could go back in time?
Best interaction with a fan ever?
Strangest interaction with a fan ever?
Any final Message to your fans?

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