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MCW 8/9/01 Ocean City, MD

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1. Red vs Jose Maximo vs Joel Maximo

2. Julio Dinero vs Chad Bowman

3. The Bruiser vs Black Dragon Marcus Jordan

4. Tara & Colleen vs Candie & Alexis Laree - Special Refereee: Headbanger Thrasher

5. Qenaan Creed vs Soda Pop Ronnie Zukko

6. Adam Flash vs Kelly Bell

7. The Holy Rollers vs The Ghetto Mafia vs Joey Matthews & Christian York

8. Mikey Whipreck vs Redneck Billy Redwood

9. "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher, Adam Flash & Headbanger Thrasher vs Van Hammer, Kelly Bell & Big Dottie
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