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MCW Legends of Maryland 11/7/09 Dundalk, MD

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1. Hall of Fame Ceremony
2. Qeenan Creed vs. Andrew Ryker vs. Chad Austin
3. Jim Christian vs. Eagle
4. Beachboy Vinnie & Jamming Joe vs. Drew Pain & Chris Swann
5. Duane Gill & Barry Hardy vs. The Holy Rollers
6. Headbanger Mosh vs. Bobby Starr
7. Lucifer The Knight of the Road vs. Cat Burglar
8. Kent Brink vs. Ronnie Zukko (MCW Heavyweight Championship Match)
9. Ricky Blues vs. Agent Orange
10. Ruckus vs. Ryan McBride
11. Steve Camry & Joe Thunder vs. The Harbor City Hit Squad
12. Legends Battle Royal
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