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MCW March Madness 3/25/07 Dundalk, MD

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1. The Holy Rollers vs. Nicky Benz & The Fabulous Fabian
2. MK of the Rehobeth Beach Crew vs. Lunchbox of the Slackers
3. Kelly Bell & Buzz Stryker vs. The Ghetto Mafia
4. DJ Hyde vs. Joker
5. Tyler Hilton of the Rehobeth Beach Crew vs. Chad of the Slackers
6. Jimmy Cicero vs. Test
7. King Kaluha vs. Test
8. Derek Frazier vs. Alex Shelley
9. The Bruiser vs. Abyss
10. Homicide & Hernandez vs. Ruckus & Sabian
11. Danny Doring vs. Adam Flash
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