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MCW Shane Shamrock Cup

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This is MCW's annual big show dedicated to the memory of the late Brian "Shane Shamrock" Howser. There are 5 qualifying matches with those 5 winners meeting last year's winner in a 6 way match for the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup, plus all the MCW stars are on the show along Brian Christopher.

1. Joey Matthews vs Nick Berk

2. Lightning Mike Quackenbush vs Black Dragon

3. Chad Bowman vs Scoot Andrews

4. Tara & Colleen vs Candie & Alexis

5. Red vs Jose Maximo vs Joel Maximo (amazing match)

6. Mikey Whipwreck vs Judas Young

7. The Ghetto Mafia vs Romeo Valentino & Soda Pop Ronnie Zukko vs The Holy Rollers (MCW Tag Team Title Match)

8. Redneck Billy Redwood vs Julio Dinero (MCW TV Title Match)

9. Grandmaster Sexay Brian Christopher, Adam Flash & Bruiser vs Jimmy Cicero, Corporal Punishment & Kelly Bell

10. Red vs Joey Matthews vs Scoot Andrews vs Qenaan Creed vs Mike Quackenbush vs Mikey Whipwreck (Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Finals)
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