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MCW TV 7/17-8/8 1998

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There are to many interviews on here to list so ther are many other things on this tape not listed here

Colorado kid vs Notorious Dog

Todd Morton + Frenchy vs Tennessee Volunters

Debbie Combs interview

Lord Humongus vs Ruckus

C. Michaels + Eden vs Atomic Dog + Silky Boom

Chris Michaels vs Shane Eden

Wolfie + Flash vs Dog + Jones

Shane Eden vs Atomic Dog

Bert Prentice + Bill Behrens confrontation over who is giving RF VIDEO THE TAPES THEY OWE US

Willow The Wisp vs Shannon Moore

Billy Black vs Ruckus

Rex King vs Black

Humongus vs Dog

Ruckus vs Colorado Kid

Silky Boom + Atomic Dog vs Hardy Boys

Humongus vs Kevin Jones

Silky Boom vs Michaels

Colorado kid vs Kerns

Wolfie + Flash vs Tenn. Volunters

Shane Eden vs Atomic Dog

Tenn Volunters vs Wolfie + Flash
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