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Mid American Wrestling Hardcore Cup 2001

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Check out some of the Mid-West€™s most violent wrestlers in these insane matches. Mid American Wrestling assembled the most bloodthirsty combatants and put them in this extreme tournament to see who truly is the sickest. This is a must for CZW fans. This is the most ultraviolent stuff seen outside the East coast.

1. The Skull Krusher vs. Mean Mitch (Barbed Wire Chain Match)

2. Mad Man Pondo vs. Mark Wolf (Lumberjack Strap Match)

3. Colt Cabana vs. Dino Bambino (Tables & Chairs)

4. Corporal Robinson vs. Kurt Krieger (Thumbtack Match)

5. Alister Fear vs. 2 Tuff Tony (Bed Of Nails Match)

6. Leatherface vs. Peter B. Beautiful (Cactus Death Match)

7. Nick Mondo vs. Necro Butcher (Staple Gun Match)

8. Rollin Hard vs. Ian Rotten (Pillar Of Salt/Barbed Wire Match)

9. Mean Mitch vs. Mad Man Pondo (Barbed Wire/Live Bulbs Match)

10. Corporal Robinson vs. Dino Bambino (Barbed Wire Tables & Chairs Match)

11. 2 Tuff Tony vs. Leatherface (Spider Web Barbed Wire Match)

12. Nick Mondo vs. Ian Rotten (Barbed Wire Bat)

13. Leatherface vs. Ian Rotten ( Four Corners Of Pain Match)

14. Corporal Robinson vs. Mad Man Pondo (Taipei Glass Match)

15. Ian Rotten vs. Corporal Robinson (Log Cabin Of Glass Finals Match)
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