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Music City & Power Pro - February 2000

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1. K Krush vs Yellow Jacket

2. Jim Neidhart vs Nick Barberie

3. Bill Dundee + Jerry Lawler vs Lethum + Wayne Ferris

4. HHH + Jerry Lawler promos

5. Brian Christopher + K Krush have a rap contest

6. Jim Neidhart vs Dr Sun

7. Harvey Whippleman vs Xena

8 Tomahawk vs Jerry Lawler Bull Payne + Todd Morton

9. Brickhouse Brown + Danny B vs Blue Meanie + Reckless Youth

10. Brian Christopher vs Mr Hughes Jericho is on the TV screen

11. Tracy Smothers vs Scotty Sabre

12. Seven vs JD Hall

13. Jim Cornette interview

14. Jim Cornette vs Randy Hales (lumberjack match)

15. Derek King vs Chris Michaels

16. Allen Steele vs Tony Falk

17. Battle Royal

18. Derek King vs Chris Michaels

19. Robert Gibson vs Tommy Rogers

20. Bulldog Raines vs Lance Jade

21. Ali vs Seven Baxter and Gang jump in
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