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NWA Wildside_4

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1. Caprice Coleman vs. Jimmy Ray

2. Onyx vs. The Beast

3. Touch Of Reality Interview

4. Mike Youngblood vs. Terry Knight

5. Lazz vs. William Wells III

6. Bugaloo Crew vs. Adam Jacobs & John Phoenix

7. A.J. Styles vs. Air Paris

8. Wells III vs. Ray

9. Heroin vs. The Platoon

10. EZ Money vs. Eddie Golden

11. Stone Mountain vs. Terry Knight

12. Knight vs. Onyx

13. Lazz & Ray vs. Jacobs & Phoenix

14. Coleman vs. JC Daz

15. Bad Attitude vs. Total Destruction

16. Bad Attitude vs. Joey Matthews & Christian York

17. Total Destruction in action

18. Phoenix vs. Jason Cross

19. Kohl Brothers vs. David Flair & Romeo Bliss

20. Robbie Williams vs. King Justice

21. Coleman vs. Ray

22. Onyx vs. Stone Mountain

23. King Justice vs. Big Hoss

24. Flair vs. Onyx & Eddie Golden

25. Ray vs. Coleman vs. Daz

26. Interview with The Hardy Boyz & Lita
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