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NWS- 2nd King & Queen of The Ring Tournament 7/13/06

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  1. Battle Royal
  2. Archadia/Alicia vs. Alexa Thatcher/Nicky Oceans vs. Cindy Rogers/Cabbie
  3. Bison Bravado/Amy Lee vs. Z-Barr/Fever vs. Corrupted Youth/Missy Sampson
  4. Danny Demanto/Melissa Stripes vs. Johnny Candido/Alere Little Feather vs. Sumie Sakai/Shane Taylor
  5. Tammy Sytch/Trent Acid vs. Hammy/Sal Sincere
  6. Corvis Fear vs. Slayer
  7. Danny Demanto/Melissa Stripes vs. Alicia/Archadia (Finals of Tournament)
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