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Old School with Sabu

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Homicidal, Genocidal, Anecdotal? The King of Old School, Steve Corino has a challenge on this edition of Old School: Getting Sabu to actually talk! But there is no need for Bill Alfonso, as Sabu opens up about his uncle The Sheik, getting into the business and becoming Sabu.

They cover Sabu's death defying style and all of the insane matches from Japan and ECW over the years. Sabu also talks about getting fired by ECW and his thoughts on Paul Heyman. Don't miss all the action on this high flying edition of Old School With Steve Corino.

Bonus matches
  • Sabu vs. Rhino w/ Steve Corino
  • Sabu vs. Taz
  • Sabu vs. RVD
Total RunTime: 2 Hrs 5 mins
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