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Old School with Savio Vega

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On this edition of Old School, Savio Vega sits down with Steve Corino for an explosive interview. They trace Savio's roots growing up in Puerto Rico, going to work for Carlos Colon and becoming T.N.T.

Savio also gives a detailed account of what he saw the night Bruiser Brody was killed and how it affected the territory. The also talk about Savio leaving the WWC and forming the IWA and the heat that caused with Carlos. You don't want to miss this island style edition of Old School with Steve Corino.

Topics Include:

  1. Growing up in Puerto Rico
  2. T.N.T.
  3. Bruiser Brody
  4. Jumping from WWC
  5. IWA Puerto Rico
Runtime 1hr 45min
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