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Ole Anderson Q & A Session 1/31/04

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Filmed in Charlotte, NC during the Legends of Wrestling Fanfest on 1/31/04. This special question and answer session sees the outspoken Ole Anderson give him controversial views on a number of different subjects. The fans asked the questions and Anderson held nothing back in giving his answers. Learn about Anderson's life not just as a wrestler, but as a booker. Anderson doesn't dodge any qestions here!!! Some of the topics include:

-Talks about writing his book
-The most brutal match he's ever been in
-Talks about Arn Anderson
-Talks about Johnny Valiant & their matches
-Who was his original partner for Starrcade '84
-Favorite period of his wrestling career
-Talks about teaming with Gene Anderson
-Talks about being stabbed in Gainsville
-Reaction when he realized WWE replaced Georgia on TV
-Opinion of Jack & Jerry Brisco
-Most memorable match he's ever had
-His relationship with the other Four Horsemen
-Talks in detail about Ric Flair
-Thoughts on Ric Flair's wrestling style
-Problems with today's wrestling
-What can be done to make wrestling better
-Were there any gimmicks he came up with that he couldn't do
-Opinion on Lex Luger
-What happened when Luger went to WCW management to override Ole's decisions
-Talks about the Black Scorpion gimmick that he came up with
-Talks about why he allowed certain things to happen while with WCW that he didn't agree with
-What caused the downfall of the NWA & Jim Crockett
-Thoughts on Jim Cornette & Smoky Mountain Wrestling
-Talks about Bruiser Brody
-All this plus more
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