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OMEGA Uncommon Passion

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This extensive documentary will take you through the lives of a group of young men who all possessed an uncommon passion and their amazing story of how they realized their dreams to make it to the big time showcase of the WWE.  Exclusive interviews and bonus matches from the OMEGA library never before released on DVD!

In 1997 a group of young men in the Carolinas set out to establish a promotion that would be "the next big step in the evolution of professional wrestling," bringing together American style, Japanese strong style and Mexican lucha libre.  The promotion was called OMEGA (Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts).  What began as a group of friends wanting to wrestle by their rules ended as being one of the most inspirational stories in wrestling history.

OMEGA: Uncommon Passion tells the story of the passion of the men who created the legacy of OMEGA: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, Joey Matthews, Christian York, Jason Ahrndt, Cham Pain, Steve Corino, Otto Schwanz and more!  Hear them reminisce about their experiences, the blood, sweat and tears.  See for the first time on DVD the legendary matches that have inspired a generation of young wrestlers worldwide.

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