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On The Road with The Sandman

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A man who smoked, drank, and bled ECW while caning down his competition and becoming the company's most beloved superstar. The man whose face adorned the first Extreme Music CD, a five time ECW world heavyweight champion who fought blindness and won, WCWs King Of The Extreme, headliner of both the Final ECW PPV, and One Night Stand. This, wrestling fans, is the definition of extreme.

Finally, your wrestling dream has come true as the RF VIDEO shootmobile was rolled out to take a once in a lifetime trip with the legendary Sandman, and you get to enjoy a first hand experience! Our groundbreaking On the Road DVD series continues with our wildest edition to date as Hak talks about everything under the sun, including the upcoming revival of ECW! This is a Sandman people havnt seen before, up close and personal. Youll hear his thoughts, breathe his air, smell the smoke and beer while we follow the extreme icon coming back to Philly for a special ECW grudge tag team match with partner Tommy Dreamer against Sabu & Raven. Youll see the match along with all the hijinx! RF VIDEO takes you so close to the action that youll be holding your mouth open thinking youll be the next fan Sandman will pore a beer onto!

Anyone who has watched one of our shoot interviews with Sandman knows what an incredible performer he is when given a subject to talk about. What could be better than hearing from the Sandman himself about what role he is going to play in the new version of ECW? You'll also get a ton of stories you've never heard anywhere else. You'll hear the drug stories, the sex stories, and hilarious stories about how Sandman would get kicked out of wrestling matches as a fan. Tons of great ECW stories and talking about how things have changed for him since the end of ECW as well as the future. This On the Road is truly hardcore.
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