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PCW Haas Memorial Tag Team Tournament 8/31/02

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This was a very special event dedicated to the memory of the last Russ Haas, a WWE developmental wrestler with deep routes in the Northeast indy scene who passed away suddenly last year. WWE sent talent to this emotional card that features a unique format and some first time ever matches.

1. SAT vs. Red & Stryker vs. Divine Storm (First Round Match)
2. Island Boy Jamal & RC Haas vs. Da Hit Squad vs. Malice & Seven (First Round Match)
3. Damaja & Doug Basham (The Revolution) vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews vs The Ballard Brothers (First Round Match)
4. United Nations vs. Bo Dupp & Matt Vandal vs. Lance Cade & Nick Dinsmore (First Round Match)
5. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Frankie Kazarian (PCW TV Title Match)
6. Damaja and Doug Basham vs. Red & Steve Corino (Semi-Final Match)
7. Island Boy Jamal & RC Haas vs. The United Nations (Semi Final Match)
8. Kid Knight vs. Little Ricky (Lumberjack Match)
9. Doug Basham & Damaja vs. RC Haas & Nova (Russ Haas Memorial Tag Tournament Finals)
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