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Pro Wrestling Riot- It's Personal 4/12/08

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Item Number: DVD


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  1. Amy Vitale's VIP Gauntlet: Featuring Austin Andretti, Lou The Fixer, Myles Long & Shayne Swift
  2. Jon Davis vs. Sedrick Strong
  3. Heartbreak Express vs. The Lifeguards
  4. Anything Goes Match: House of M's Damballah (w/ George Martel) vs. Eddie Taurus
  5. Kenny King vs. Jaison Moore
  6. Bumz 'R Us (Ray Beez & Mr. Milo Beasley) vs. Team Vision (Chasyn Rance & Mr. Saint Laurent)
  7. Loser Leaves Town Tag Team Tables Match: 911 Inc. (Kory Chavis & Francisco Ciasto) vs. Bruce Saint & Sideshow
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