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Pro Wrestling World-1 King's Cup Tournament 1/7/07

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  1. Justin Riggi vs. McGuire
  2. Josh Daniels vs. Mark Mest
  3. Greg Spitz vs. Nicky Benz
  4. Kafu vs. Alex Law
  5. Josh Daniels vs. Justin Riggi
  6. 6 Man Light Heavyweight Title match featuring "Krazy K" Kirby Mack, TJ Mack and others.
  7. Josh Daniels vs. Greg Spitz
  8. The Patriot & Mike Kehner vs. King Kaluha & Larry Sweeney (PWG Tag Team Title Match)
  9. Ricky Landell vs. Sterling James Keenan (W1 Heavyweight Title Match)
  10. Steve Corino vs. Ric Converse (AWA World Heavyweight Title Match)
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