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PWF One Year Anniversary Show 4/7/02

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Lots of well booked angles make this a solid show with some great talent including a strong style classic between Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe.

1. Rockin' Rebel and Matt Vandal vs. Stormchaser and Stryker
2. White Lotus vs. Rob Eckos
3. Tom Marquez vs. Harley Lewis
4. The Damned and Mike Kehner vs. The Well-Hung Warriors and Gino Giovanni
5. Rapid Fire Maldonado vs. Mike Preston
6. Guillotine LeGrande & Jack Victory vs. Dylan Night & Chris Hamrick
7. The SAT vs. Joey Matthews & Christian York
8. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe
9. Red vs. Quiet Storm & Billy Bax vs. Chris Devine (Double Jeopardy Match)
10. Steve Corino vs. Gangrel
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